Our Universe

Founded in 2016 by Israeli technology experts, Aether Media is a one-stop-shop, global marketing agency for all your digital marketing and technological needs. We are experts in results-based campaigns, using high-tech marketing to deliver our clients unparalleled results. Finance, iGaming, insurance, e-commerce, and technology are among the industries that our intergalactic team excels in.

Our Services

Search engine optimization
Personalized digital marketing
Creative marketing campaigns
Written and
video content

How Do We Do It?

Using the talents of our highly experienced and diverse team, we tailor our services specifically to high-performance CPA and results-based campaigns. We harness the power of our proprietary in-house technology, and innovative marketing to provide quality results at scale.

The team personalizes digital marketing campaigns, offering clients a top-quality path for growth with ROI-based marketing. Our creative studio will make your product shine like a star on every platform, providing you with designs and strategies to fire your business into the stratosphere.

Our Stars Shine Brighter

We are experts in paid advertising, boasting a proven track record in running campaigns the following platforms and more:


Service From Outer Space

Our star-studded team can help you grow your audience and reach your expected KPI by utilizing various software and analytical tools that provide unique customer insights. We fully understand the dynamic nature of the online world and work tirelessly to keep up-to-speed with the latest technology and marketing trends.

Carefully assembled to represent different cultures and backgrounds, the Aether team likes to think of itself as one big family. Central to the family’s core belief is a strong desire to see our customers and us as one team – your success is our success, and we take pride in that ethos.

Principles of Teamwork

We bring a positive mental attitude to every challenge we face.

You place trust in us to deliver results. We do not take this for granted.

Nothing good can be achieved if everyone pulls in different directions.

We strive to give you regular feedback on the effectiveness of your campaigns.

‘Time and tide wait for no man’ – you can trust us to keep evolving.

Successful marketing is all about results. That is why we are here!

A Galaxy of Potential

We understand that driving meaningful user acquisition requires more than just traditional methods, which is why we offer solutions that are tailored to your business objectives. We use cutting-edge techniques such as predictive analytics and machine learning to optimize and refine campaigns, creating a unique approach to user acquisition. Our team of experienced professionals has the knowledge and expertise needed to provide strategies that are both effective and cost-efficient.